Spoken word/poetry

Please submit any of your works on this page. I would love it if we can give constructive articulate feedback, for example:

"Wow, I really like the imagery you displayed in your work. Keep it up."
" Ummm, it sounds like you need some work on your beats/flow. try (insert suggestion here)."
"Wow... that kinda sucked, however I feel you might want to try doing (insert tips on making the presented piece better here)."

Please don't include things like the following, unless you provide constructive reasons why. No attacks or flame wars allowed.

" Man..that shit was garbage!"
"You are a (insert denigrating thing here). Please don't write ever again".

You can submit your work by e-mailing me  with the subject heading as "spoken word/poetry".  Please submit it in a suitable audio format such as Soundcloud, MP3, etc.

Disclaimer:  (please read this before you read any other poems written by me)

So you wanna know what's on  my mind?
I must warn you.
These wide lines hide hard times behind leather designs.
Some might find they invoke hope from the rhymes I spoke.
Others see trials and tribulations that might burn their throat.
Keep in mind, writing is how I cope.
Otherwise the tide gets high enough to  make me choke.
I can't swim,so I row my broken boat to stay afloat.
The fight inside me got me tough enough to write this note.
So if you continue to let me keep your ear, sit back relax and grab your favorite beer.
Let me take you where I've been and tell you what I know.
It ain't much, maybe you'll take home your favorite quote.
I  might lose friends from what you see in this.
Before you read on, I give my hug and farewell kiss.
I hope I miss you, there's no telling where my mind will go,
WIth that said, I finish my flow so I could start the show.

Thank you.


One work for a company, one work on the block
One handling paperwork, one slangin' that rock
Both got families, both punchin' that clock
Both makin' that paper, both watchin' the cops
One poppin' that glock, one gamblin' with stocks
One got boxed in, the other got locked
Both got homes, both got jobs
Both on borrowed time, both reading these lines
One tellin' them lies, one got corporate ties
One focus on risin' the other focus on hidin'
Both wine and dine, both committed crimes
Both livin' they lives, both love thier husbands and wives
One run for office, one work for the FED
One wrong move, they'll both end up dead
Both know the ledge based on the ground they standin' on
Both come together to chant down Babylon.

To those who knew me for quite a while:  It's been a hot minute since I've delved back into this spoken word poetry thing, but I've had to jump back in it for various reasons.  Here's the lyrics to a poem I've worked on over the weekend:

Public Service Announcement ( The lyrics)

Hip hop is not something that will help you get good girls or guys
It does not buy time nor does it provide an instant tide for you to ride
Hip hop is not the latest toy
It is not meant to be used as something to seek revenge or annoy your parents with
It is not meant to be cast aside as a phase or latest craze until something better comes along
It is a form of self expression
It is not a chance for you to learn to twist trees like these so you could be deemed cool on your first smoke session
Hip hop is what you think
It has nothing to do with what you smoke or what you choose to drink
This is culture
Just because you smoke or sold does not justify your thug enough to hold.

Pull your pants up and fix your fitted cap
Talk a good game and recognise what lane you stay at
THey say my clothes and style aint hip hop
Well excuse me if I don't shop at "hip hop inna box"
I didn't build a personna based on a CD
At age thirteen I decided just to be me
Influenced by surroundings, life experiences, poetry and several dope rappers
Pardon my French, let's be honest, I'm too damn old to be talkin about swagger
So um, Real recognize real and over time, fake can get scraped off the top like solidified cream
Master your high and hold fast to  your dream
If your goal is to pimp, dip, and dive through the scene
I'm sorry young cousin, we ain't on the same team
Not sayin you can't really listen to this
Some people get pissed when their culture gets dissed and dismissed as a trend as they passionately defend it
Just sayin tho, respect it, don't try to end it
Pay homage to those who started these flows
And chose to keep heads nodding out of control
It's those who paved the way for you to grow
And expose what you could bring to the show
Keep doing yours as long as you're true
You're bound to reap rewards and get your just due
If not, plan to stay humble, I might rise to the top
If not I still let my tape rock till my tape pop!