Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disclaimer (Read this before you read any other poems from me)

So you wanna know what's on  my mind?
I must warn you.
These wide lines hide hard times behind leather designs.
Some might find they invoke hope from the rhymes I spoke.
Others see trials and tribulations that might burn their throat.
Keep in mind, writing is how I cope.
Otherwise the tide gets high enough to  make me choke.
I can't swim,so I row my broken boat to stay afloat.
The fight inside me got me tough enough to write this note.
So if you continue to let me keep your ear, sit back relax and grab your favorite beer.
Let me take you where I've been and tell you what I know.
It ain't much, maybe you'll take home your favorite quote.
I  might lose friends from what you see in this.
Before you read on, I give my hug and farewell kiss.
I hope I miss you, there's no telling where my mind will go,
WIth that said, I finish my flow so I could start the show.

Thank you.