Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kanye West's Yeezus

I just finished listening to the album, and a lot of it is lol. He made me laugh when he said 'I speak swag-hili". I was hoping the album had more substance to it. He mostly brags about "bitches" and riches. If I wanted to hear that from him, I would have bought a JayZ cd. The beats are definitely on some next level strange ish, so I can respect the production. I also found it interesting that "I Am A God" received complaints based on the title alone. He basically said a lot of the things that other rappers would say, and being a celebrity will give a person a god complex. Why is it that when Kanye says it, all of a sudden, he's a spoiled douchebag? People are definitely playing favorites when it comes to Kanye in general. I was hoping for his album to be something you sit down and give it your undivided attention to. I wanted this album to have depth and substance. Some of it does (3 songs) but the rest doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's because there are too many bitches and p*ssies sprinkled throughout the album. It gives me the idea that he may be over compensating a bit. I'm glad I streamed it first. Here's a brief breakdown of the tracks:

On Site: That was weird, however the lyrics were decent. I enjoyed the beat transition. It was a very unique experience, to say the least. I'm definitely not used to listening to such a bizarre beat.

Black Skinhead- I like it! Kanye definitely changed the game with this one. I love the message. Great energy.

I am a God- I tried to listen to this track while erasing any and all opinions I've heard pertaining to the title. The content of this song is similar to what a lot of other rappers have said. They brag about their stuff and being entitled. Kanye did it here, and people shut down. Jay Z has made his living off of rubbing his riches in every bodies faces. Many celebrities do this so Why does Kanye get dubbed as "entitled" and spoiled?

New Slaves- I heard this first when he was broadcasting the videos across the country. I loved it then, and I still love it now, however the auto tune gets in the way. That gets remedied when the sample at the end starts up, so there isn't much of a loss there.

Hold My Liquor feat. Chief Keef and Justin Vernon- This track was tedious for me. Not because Chief Keef was on it but I just couldn't get into it.

I'm in it: Another track where sex was the main topic. However I like the reggae influence and the singing. The 3rd verse was dope "I be speakin' swaghili"! Love that!

Blood On The Leaves- I was hoping this track would have been a bit more in depth. It sounds like it's a track about a failed relationship. another spin is in order.

Guilt Trip Feat.Kid Cudi- Unfortunately, I lost attention on this so I can't really comment.

Send it up-This track doesn't have much substance. It's more of a story about going to the club. The "memories" part made me laugh!

Bound 2 feat Charlie Wilson- This started up as promising. I love the sample. the lyrics not so much.

I usually listen to an album at least 3 times before I decide to give it a review. I listen to it in my car, with headphones at my computer and in my Ipod. Sadly, I checked this album out on my computer, and I can't even give myself the chance to listen to it in my car or in my Ipod.

All in all, this may be some next level swag music. To be honest, I didn't even like this level's swag music, so, there's that.

I want to rate this album higher, I really do. Unfortunately I can't. I'm going to have to give it 3 stars, and that's mostly for the production. I would have appreciated it better if it were an instrumental album. His lyrics are a 2 at best.

Stand out tracks are On Site, Black Skinhead and New Slaves.