Monday, May 20, 2013

Kanye West's New Slaves and Black Skinhead: The Aftermath

Ok, I'm sure everybody has checked these two videos out, and come to conclusions ranging from "Holy shit!  This is HOT!" to "I don't get why people follow his music. He sucks."  If you haven't seen them, here they are:

Black Skinhead:

New Slaves:

Long story short. I LOVE both songs, and here's why:

Check the comments on the US Magazine article pertaining to the videos.  Responses like these can be found all over the internet. Notice how folks are quick to call Kanye all kinds of racist names, and say the same things to those who refute the racist comments. Some are saying that Kanye is racist, and that he shouldn't focus on slavery and that he has no right to talk about something that he didn't experience.


Using that logic, should American Jewish people stop talking about the Holocaust if they didn't experience it?
What about American Whites who speak about their ancestry, and the wars that occurred in their home countries?

But anyways, the point is that people say this is a "post racial" America and that Kanye is just "another Black man with a chip on his shoulder."  Nevermind that he mentioned for profit prisons (which are locking up other races as well as Black people, by the way), and what Black people have to deal with EVEN IF they may have money.  Sure, Vibe Magazine can point out the hypocrisy in his lyrics for New Slave since he's rich now (I'm sure Bruce Springsteen, and other artists who have spoken out against this sort of thing have been pointed out by numerous magazines, fans etc).  They can call him "arrogant" because of what he did, but what Kanye says is true. So many people were quick to dismiss, ignore, and minimize the performance, and message because he's Kanye, and they DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN to what Kanye was saying.  Based on the comments made on these performances and everywhere else on the internet, especially when it pertains to Black culture"...Racism still alive, they just be concealing it".