Friday, March 9, 2012


CD/DVD Repair:

Is your CD collection looking kinda raggady?  Do you love your albums so much that you have cds that you've played so much that you've had to  replace them several times? Are your jewel cases all scratched up, faded by the sun, or just flat out broken?   If so, Don't worry, I got your back.  I know this economy has been bad for quite some time, and a lot of folks just don't want to replace their albums, or pay really high prices for music stores to buff out their CDs, only to bring them home, or play them in the car and find out the same skip or jump in the track is still... there...????  That's why there is an alternative.  I offer a professional CD repair service that will allow you to completely restore your album.* That means I will replace your jewel case, and repair your album.

Now I know what you're thinking.  You're probably thinking it would be expensive, therefore I invite you to be the judge. The rates are as follows :

Deluxe package for single cds: (includes a new case, and a repaired cd) $1.68 per album
Double Disk Deluxe (also known as the "Triple D" package): $2.56 per album

Regular package for single cds and double albums: (disk only)  $1.23 per disk,  meaning if you need to have both disks of 2Pac's All Eyes on Me repaired, then each disk is $1.23, or $2.46 total

Please e-mail me with the subject heading describing your package, or questions, meaning if you want 2 double albums with the triple d package, just include  "triple d package for 2 double albums" in the heading.  In the body, include your mailing address and name .

*This does not include artwork restoration.