Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Problem With Ms. Hill (formerly known as Lauryn Hill)

I saw this article that Vibe Magazine put out and I decided I'd say something about it. Here's the video footage of the alleged "Kanye moment" as mentioned by the writer of this article.

 I get sick of people talking big shit on her. Sure, she had kids by a guy who she didn't marry and he was out (for lack of a better phrase) fucking and ducking. He broke her heart and she lost her mind for a while. That sort of thing happens to a LOT of people. Why did people shame her for that? She wrote about her relationships, and various things that happen in her life and people balked about what she had to say. They said she was trying to be "holier than thou" and trying to preach to people. I saw it as her trying to tell people what she had been through. Sure she did get at some men, but so what? Men shit on women CONSTANTLY in rap songs and no one bats an eye. She said something about some of the men she's been with or know about (without using or making up any derogatory slurs towards said men, might I add) and everybody was saying things like "Fuck that dumb bitch. She think she's too good, etc, etc." I guess women aren't allowed to mention said things (the aftermath of Nikki Minaj's Looking Ass Nigga was a great example of that) , but men can throw women under the bus all day and night and make up new slurs for all of the women they ran across. That shit is not cool at all. 

She's late to her shows. What planet are people on when they think a show is going to start on time? Shows NEVER, EVER start on time. At least she came to the shows and didn't use a stand in like MF Doom did, and yet people are still buying Doom's records. They said it was a "dick move" for him to do such a thing and left it at that. But oh no. Not Ms. Hill. She can't get a pass. Nope. And people want to say that she's rude. Newsflash! there are a LOT of rude artists out there, and I bet a lot of them are ruder than her. So What? If she's "rude to you" then don't see her play. Plain and simple. Nobody is twisting these people's arms or holding them at gunpoint and making them see the shows. If she is late to every show, people should expect that and prepare for it, since it's common knowledge in this case. In fact, this is the reason why I don't go to most shows. I just don't have the time these days. 

She is far from perfect, and is a flawed person. She's trying to get along in this world while people try to grasp at excuses to not like her. Whether it's for her music (That Thing, or any other song she wrote to blast on her ex-es WITHOUT male bashing slurs, might I add), or alleged "craziness" or not paying taxes. That being said, I haven't seen anybody talk shit on Wesley Snipes for not paying taxes, and he's been in jail for a while. In fact Murs wrote a song on the White Mandingo album called 'Free Wesley Snipes." If my memory is correct, people were mad that he got locked up and all of the Wall Street people are not locked up. People said that Wesley Snipes got locked up because he was Black, and people were mad about it. Why does Ms Hill get looked at in a different light? Sounds like she ought to write a follow up song to Mos Def's "Mr. N!gga" because it looks like she's getting the Ms. N!gga treatment to me. I'm just sayin.

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