Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chuck D's AutoBiography of Mistachuck. < This album is amazing, I don't care what anybody says

One simply doesn't just listen to Chuck D. You have to fully understand and experience what he speaks about. He speaks truth in every track. I can't tell you which track resonated the most with me. Each one here has done so in it's own way. The thing I really like about Chuck D (or Mistachuck, as he preferred to be referred to for his solo career) is that he makes references to all of Public Enemy's tracks as well as his own in every album. In order to listen to and understand him, you must own all of Public Enemy's and Chuck D's solo albums. You must listen to them like your livelihood depends on it. If you still don't understand, you must play it several times and pay attention to what he's saying. You may need to do some research. If you can't do that, then , "I've got nothing for you, man."

Stand out tracks include:
Generation Wrekkked
Free Big Willie
Horizontal Heroin
Talk Show Created the Fool
But Can You Kill...

5/5 Stars

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