Sunday, November 27, 2011


Okay, I know what you're thinking. There are so many hip hop related blogs out here it's ridiculous. Why am I starting another one?  Well, it's simple.  My goal is to not copy all of the other hip hop blogs out there, but to showcase my contribution to the culture I love so much.  I plan on focusing on the areas that I feel have been given little attention within the culture, as well as document my small contribution to it.  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and give genuine feedback.  No I will not support links to porn, drugs (illegal or illegal), nonsensical flame wars,spam, etc.  If you want to do that, then go ahead and do it, but not on my blog.    I encourage you to add your contributions as well. I hope to create a unique area where people can express their opinions, share their talents, dreams (and all of that sappy ish, lol).  Without further adieu, I present " The Spot 4 Hip Hop".

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